Sophie Halliday 

Client Experience Manager, Creative Genius, Staging Expert, Jill Of All Trades

Sophie wears many different hats with the HelpingYouMove team. Officially, she is the client experience manager, and regularly interacts with clients — from the first point of contact to well after closing — to ensure all of their real estate needs are met. She handles all of the team’s complimentary staging consultations, manages their social media presence, organizes the vendors, uploads listings, handles marketing and more. Need a moving van or a painter? She’ll arrange it. More moving supplies? Just ask Sophie.

Customer service is always something Sophie has been interested in. While studying at the University of Toronto, she worked at the front desk of a real estate office. It’s here where she met — and really impressed — the HelpingYouMove team. They, and the countless clients she helps, appreciate her glass-half-full approach to life, and the positive energy she brings to everything she does. Her goal in life is to effect positive change in people’s lives, and she is able to do this every day as client experience manager with the HelpingYouMove team. She hates to say “No” and loves to help.

Sophie is calm, controlled, warm, caring and always smiling. Plus, she has an amazing memory and an eye for detail. She’ll remember how you like your coffee, your kid’s favourite candy and your dog’s name.

When she’s not working, she loves horseback riding, painting, drawing, spending time outdoors and listening to music.