By: Ralph Ciancio

10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

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Summer flew by just like that and now leaves are already starting to change colour! You’ll soon have to prep for the heavy snowfall and cold weather but before you get there, here are some simple tips you can follow to ensure you and your family are ready for a smooth transition.
1 .First and foremost, you should ensure all loose items around the exterior of the house are stored properly; whether inside your home, in a storage shed, or thrown out. With the cold weather approaching, you wouldn’t want small items flying around and potentially damaging cars or windows.

Garage Storage

2 .Protect and place drained garden hoses indoors since you won’t be using it in the winter.

Garden Hose

3 .Have a professional complete a thorough inspection of the roof to ensure no shingles are damaged or missing. You wouldn’t want to risk further damage from wind, water, ice or snow. In the event anything seeps through the cracks, it may cause serious harm to anyone or anything inside.

Shingles Inspection

4 .When leaves start to fall and blow around, it is not uncommon for leaves, dust and other particles to get caught in the gutters. Make sure you check to ensure nothing is stuck inside the gutters.

Gutter Cleaning

5 .Have a professional inspect your furnace to ensure that it’s in working order and that it’s safe for use. This will be essential when the weather drops below freezing!

Furnace Inspection

6 .If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want to ensure that it’s safe for use by a professional. They can help check that the firebox and chimney are cleaned and cleared.

Wood Burning Fireplace

7 .If you have a septic/well system and you haven’t cleaned or pumped it in the past two years, now is a great time to do so. Having a professional clean this out every 2 years or less will help avoid buildup of dirty water.

Septic Cleaning

8 .Consult a landscaper to ensure your home is properly graded, this will prevent blockage of waterflows. You will not want water coming back into your home causing a flood in the basement, especially in the wintertime.


9 .Check your windows and doors for any gaps that need to be sealed. This is very important to keep water, bugs or even mice outside. These creatures will want to be as warm as possible when it is freezing outside so they will be looking for ways to get indoors.

Window Gap Sealing

10 .Consult a professional air duct cleaning professional/service to ensure that your air duct systems, vents for exhaust fans, and dryer are cleaned, cleared, and unclogged.

Air Duct Cleaning
The weather is rapidly changing so we encourage you to follow these tips before it gets too cold outside! If you need further assistance, who to contact/hire, or even where to begin, send us an email at, we have some amazing professional contacts available and would be happy to help!