By: Ralph Ciancio

8 Moving Supplies You Will Need for Your Move

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We know it’s extremely stressful anytime you’re preparing to move. The process of packing and unpacking everything from your old space to your new space is a daunting task. We’ve all been there where things go missing, misplaced or broken. To prevent that, we have a list of supplies you’ll want to ensure all your belongings are packed for a clean move.

1. Coloured markers or labelling tape

It’s so much easier to unpack when you colour code boxes by room. Trust us, even if you’re keeping track of which box came from which room, it will most likely get mixed up in the moving truck. This will help you sort boxes much faster and with less complication.

2. Foam corner protectorsFoam Corner Protector

We can’t even tell you how many times we’ve heard of a story about a coffee table or dresser getting nicked or dented. Especially if something is of value and is really heavy, please use caution and protect it.

3. Small plastic or reusable bags

These will always come in handy. If you need to dissemble something and keep all the contents together, it’s best to keep them in a plastic bag before you put them into a larger box.

4. Stretch wrap or newspaperStretch Wrap

When you have larger items that don’t fit inside a cardboard box or bag, you will need to wrap it to protect it from getting scratched or broken.

5. Moving blankets

Moving blankets help protect the floors. You wouldn’t want to accidentally scratch your old floors and have the new homeowners come after you for a scratch they haven’t seen before, or better yet the floors of your new home.

6. A dolly or hand truckHand Truck

This is so important for moving heavier items such as cabinets, mini fridges, etc. Save your back and invest in a dolly or hand truck!

7. Reusable foam furniture sliders

This will help protect your floors when furniture needs to be put into a certain spot.

8. Mattress moving bag Mattress Moving Bag

A mattress is where you will be sleeping on and should be clean at all times. Never let the mattress touch the ground, or any surface that is dusty. This also helps to prevent unnecessary stains and tears. You can also use a moving bag for couches and tables as well.

Plan ahead and prepare the materials prior to your move to ensure a cleaner and faster move. The HelpingYouMove Team provides basic moving supplies and use of our moving truck – contact us at 647.247.6000 or schedule a free chat with an agent for more information!