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Benefits of Buying an Older, Fixer-Upper, Renovation Project-Type Home

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When purchasing a home, it is smart to evaluate all options – even homes that are 10+ years old, and not exactly how you want it, or "turnkey". After all, finding a home that checks off all your boxes is nearly impossible. Sometimes you’ll have to compromise, you may find a home in your desired location but it may just need some minor repairs or even a major renovat...Read More

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Tips for Moving with Kids from Parents Who’ve Moved With Kids

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Are you planning a move with kids in the near future? Moving is stressful, but moving with kids is stressful on another level. Some challenges could include difficulty having to manage and accommodate to their daily routines, or even just giving them adequate attention. Whatever the case may be, we want to help alleviate some of that stress. We’ve compiled a list of brilliant tips from our c...Read More

Local Markham Real Estate Team Hosts Festive Community Contest

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Local Markham Real Estate Team Hosts Festive Community Contest

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Seasons Greeting!   The HelpingYouMove Team launched their newest (COVID-friendly) initiative, the festive outdoor home decorating contest! Families interested in participating can decorate the exterior of their home for a chance to win a $500 Prepaid Visa Gift Card, courtesy of the HelpingYouMove Team.   “We understand this year has been tough for many, so we wanted to bring some ...Read More

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Does Your Home Match Your Lifestyle?

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Finding a home that fits with your lifestyle will have long term benefits that are more than just financial gain. For instance, a great location near your workplace, or your children’s school will save lots of rush time in the morning. Furthermore, if you love having family and friends over, you may want a large backyard to be able to host summertime BBQs or Thanksgiving dinners. The list ca...Read More

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10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

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Summer flew by just like that and now leaves are already starting to change colour! You’ll soon have to prep for the heavy snowfall and cold weather but before you get there, here are some simple tips you can follow to ensure you and your family are ready for a smooth transition.   1 .First and foremost, you should ensure all loose items around the exterior of the house are stored ...Read More

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Thinking of installing a pool in your backyard? Read this first!

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Could you imagine just chilling by the pool in your backyard, sipping on a fruity sangria while jamming to your favourite tunes? This is the life but first, you must get a pool, and that’s the hard part. Installing a pool is no easy task as you can imagine. There’s a lot that goes into prepping your backyard to ensure it can sustain holding a large body of water with its own filtration...Read More

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7 Moving Day Tips for Pets

Tags: moving with pets, tips for moving with pets, moving day tips for pets, how to move with pets, relocating with pets, new home with pets, MOVING WITH CATS, MOVING WITH DOGS

Often times when people are busy preparing for a move, they forget to think about their pets and how this process may affect their pet’s mental health and wellbeing. It’s easy to tell children what’s happening (assuming they’re old enoaugh to understand), but a dog or a cat will never understand what’s going on and why their home is being packed into boxes. We have a ...Read More

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Is Condo Living Right for You?

Tags: Condo, condominium, markham, stouffville, real estate, condominium living, buying a condo, selling a condo, living in a condo, condo fees, pros and cons of condos, advantages and disadvantages of condos

Living in a condominium may mean convenience to many, but you should do your research before purchasing a condo. The target market of condo buyers are generally first time homebuyers, real estate rental investors, and Baby Boomers looking to downsize their space We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons so that you can make your most informed decision.   Pros   Maintenance. One of the...Read More

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8 Moving Supplies You Will Need for Your Move

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  We know it’s extremely stressful anytime you’re preparing to move. The process of packing and unpacking everything from your old space to your new space is a daunting task. We’ve all been there where things go missing, misplaced or broken. To prevent that, we have a list of supplies you’ll want to ensure all your belongings are packed for a clean move. 1. Coloured ...Read More

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Tips to Boosting Curb Appeal

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Before you can judge a home based on the interior – where you’ll be living - you’ll first have to judge the exterior and its “curb appeal”. Let’s face it, before you even have interest in going through every room photo of the house, you’ll want to ensure the front of the house appeals to you first, right? Maybe you can’t really change the physical as...Read More